Ready to make a move? We custom-design every program to meet your individual needs and, best of all, we come to you. Let us help you improve your life, one step at a time!

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Daily food choices can make the difference when it comes to your metabolism, energy, mood, aging, illness and, of course, weight. Let us help you improve your life, one bite at a time!

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Harmful ingredients lurk in products you use every day and can affect your weight and health. It's time to clean up your environment. Let us help you improve your life, one breath at a time!

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Personal training, nutritional counseling + therapeutic services to meet your every need.

We have experience working with both ends of the health spectrum and everyone in between. Here's what some of our clients are saying...

I've been working out with Lori for over 4 years. My sessions with her are very challenging, but her enthusiasm and encouragement also make them fun. She has me fitter at 72 years old than I was as 52, enabling me to spend hours on the hiking trails or tennis court. I can't recommend highly enough Lori and the AIM group. Five stars from me!
I have experienced tremendous fitness results over the past year utilizing Justin from Always in Motion. Not only have I shed 40 lbs, but I have dropped my body fat to under 15% and have increased my strength considerably. Within 4 months I had hit my goal weight and proceeded to build muscle mass. I never thought I would ever be the guy to hire a personal trainer, but after working with Justin for almost a year, it is the best investment in my mental and physical health I have ever made!
I am 79 years old and have been REBORN!!! No more high cholesterol, no diabetes, no arthritis, no osteoporosis, no aches and pains. Justin is personable, compassionate, and always encourages me to push to the next level. I am so happy and thankful he is a part of my life.
Pat from Huntington Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Jeff from Huntington Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Alana from Huntington Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA