Meet the Team
Lori Isaacs

Lori Isaacs

+ B.S. in Kinesiology
+ Certified Personal Trainer
+ Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
+ Certified Health Coach

No matter what your age, you can enjoy the benefits of a fitness program. Hi, my name is Lori and I'm here to help you get started!

After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, I jumped into the field of personal training and have never looked back. Now with over 20 years of experience, I still love what I do. In that time, I've introduced fun ways to be active to preschool classes, worked with teens to excel in sports, supported clients to exercise safely through pregnancy (and lose the weight afterwards), helped middle-aged clients with weight loss and the prevention of future health issues, and assisted older adults with increasing their independence and mobility. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of someone's journey to a healthier lifestyle. I'll be the first to admit that exercising is not easy, but you will not do it alone; I will be there to guide, support, and motivate you every step of the way. I'm ready, are you?

Here's what Lori's clients are saying...

  • I've been working out with Lori for over 6 years. My sessions with her are very challenging, but her enthusiasm and encouragement also make them fun. During this period Lori has consistently demonstrated her professionalism and knowledge. Through her and AIM I have learned that fitness is more than exercise; it also includes nutrition and attitude. She has me fitter at 75 years old than I was as 55, enabling me to spend hours on the hiking trails or tennis court. I can't recommend highly enough Lori and the AIM group. Five stars from me!

    Pat Huntington Beach

  • Lori worked with me to help me reclaim my health and establish a road to fitness. Because of my work with Lori, I have lost 30% of my total body weight. She tailored all of my workouts to fit my needs. Working with Lori has changed the way I feel about exercise and eating healthy. Every workout is challenging and lots of fun. Choosing to work with her was the best decision I have made for myself. If you want to feel good and get healthy, you will love working with Lori.

    Lauren Torrance

  • I have been working out with Lori for just over 4 years now. Though I can't lie and say that I love working out; I can honestly say I love the way I feel after a workout. Lori has been awesome to work with; she knows my capabilities and really sets up some challenging circuits that keeps my heart rate up and muscles working during our 30 minute sessions. I am a forty nine year old business owner with a busy work and home schedule; Lori can attest to that. We meet a couple times a week and she has encouraged me to do what ever I can do to stay active during our off time. When I started this venture I was out of shape and had very low endurance. Lori has helped me learn the importance of exercise and nutrition and how little changes overtime make a big difference. When I think back and compare my abilities then to now it is something to be proud of. I feel good and look better so it has made a difference in my life. Four years ago when I met Lori she said something to me that I will never forget. She told me, "I know its tough but you are in it to make a change. I promise you this; even though its hard now you will never regret working out. You'll never say to yourself, I wish I wouldn't have worked out today."

    I am a believer and understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise. I would recommend Lori and AIM to anyone that is looking to make a change for the better; to make a happier and healthier You!

    Deena Westminster

  • Beyond amazing! I've been training with Lori continuously since 2009! She is the best motivator, educator, and intense trainer I've ever trained with. I look forward to every session and I'm always eager to see what she has planned for me next. She really pushes me, reminds me of how strong I really am and I always leave feeling more proud and more accomplished than the time before. She even trained me throughout 2 pregnancies, up to 3 weeks before I gave birth. She always came up with new and exciting workouts throughout each stage of my pregnancy and helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy strength/weight quickly- both times! Just writing this makes me want to go workout with her now! I highly recommend Always In Motion. They are a great team.

    Genevieve Huntington Beach

  • I have been training with Lori for almost a year. Lori is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and dedicated to her business. She is a tough coach but she is encouraging and makes it fun. Most importantly she watches your every move to make sure you are in the correct position to get the most out of your workout without injuring yourself. I have struggled with back issues after a rear end collision in 1963 and find Lori is an expert not only at protecting my back but also strengthening the muscles necessary to avoid further injury. I am amazed at how much my strength and balance has improved and I look forward to every workout. I am quickly approaching 75 and plan for my life now and forever to be "Always in Motion" with Lori.

    Margie Huntington Beach

  • I was playing in the finals of a tennis tournament when I suffered a massive stroke leaving the left side of my body completely paralyzed and confined for 3 months in the hospital. At the end of the stay, my medical professionals were convinced I would be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life. Returning home from the hospital stay, it took many months of patience, effort, and courage. Thank God I was able to walk again and return to some physical activities that I enjoyed.

    Previously a left-handed player, I returned to the sport by playing right-handed due to weakness on my left side. I had an adversity to strength training primarily because I lacked the knowledge how to properly train. Working with Lori made a huge difference. She explains why I am doing what I am doing to help me understand how to effectively use my training time in the most efficient manner. I have remarkably elevated my tennis abilities and feel great about my progress. Although lesser than my right-handed abilities, I have returned to playing tennis left-handed at a 4.0 level. Thank you Lori for making a significant impact on my life!

    Marty Seal Beach

  • My name is Jennifer and I have been training with Lori for almost 3 years! Lori is an amazing personal trainer and I am so thankful to have her in my life. She has changed my life in so many ways! I did not work out very much before I started training with Lori so I was nervous to start a workout program. From the beginning, she has made me feel so comfortable and she is always encouraging and motivating me each week! Her workouts are always different and individualized specifically to meet my needs! I recently got married and Lori helped me to reach my goal weight by my wedding day and I felt so great on my wedding day in my wedding dress! I have received so many compliments on the changes that people have seen with me and I give Lori so much credit for that! Not only has Lori helped me with my weight loss goals - she encourages good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle! Even though the workouts are so hard each week, I look forward to training with Lori and I feel great after each workout! I highly recommend Lori to anyone who wants to get in shape and feel great at the same time! She is wonderful and working out with her is one of the best decisions I have made in my life!

    Jennifer Redondo Beach

  • I have been going to Lori "Always in motion" for 6 months. I decided to get a private trainer to help me focus on all around health and fitness. I did not expect such big changes in my health and my all around strength. I had a hip replacement and have limitations and Lori works around them and has even improved my strength in my hip. After a couple months my husband joined me and we do a couple workout twice a week. We both now have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This is even with very little diet changes. We have more energy and has helped our outlook on life and aging. Lori works with your strengths and weaknesses and makes a workout designed to meet your goals. My husband and I have different strengths but she still makes a workout that we can do together and help improve both our health. I can not say enough about how great Lori "Always in Motion" has been for us. She has truly changed our life.

    LeAnn (and Jim) Huntington Beach

  • My husband and I use Lori from AIM as our trainer and we love her! She has been great and has taught us so much. I have worked out with other fitness trainers and Lori is by far the best! She is very detail oriented in her training regime as she personalizes every work out. My husband and I love how much she "pushes us" to achieve our goals. I highly recommend using Always in Motion!

    Janelle (and Jeff) Costa Mesa

  • I was skeptical at first because I've tried everything - gyms, pilates, aqua drills... At Always In Motion, Lori gears everything to me personally while keeping the routine interesting and challenging to push me further each time. I'm 87 years old and I feel like a new person. I will continue to 'AIM' until I drop!

    Catherine Huntington Harbor

Justin Isaacs

Justin Isaacs

+ Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate
+ Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
+ Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Justin and I am 'always in motion': When I'm not exercising my muscles or mouth (with good food), I love to exercise my mind. To add to my advanced fitness certifications and Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition, I am working towards my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

I enjoy working physically and nutritionally with individuals dealing with health challenges, and developing effective, adaptable, and creative programs to meet their unique needs. My empathetic and enthusiastic yet strong coaching style has enabled me to work with aspiring athletes, older adults with chronic pain, and everyone in between. In my years as a trainer, I have been a guest speaker for the American Diabetes Association and participated in the White House's Joining Forces Initiative. I founded AIM with the goal of making quality exercise and nutrition accessible to everyone.

Now it's time to put your plans into motion. With my help, there is nothing stopping you!

Here's what Justin's clients are saying...

  • One of the best things I have done for myself in the last year is to begin working with Justin Isaacs at the senior center gym. I have a number of physical problems and was becoming more and more limited in what I was able to do on a daily basis. I have a torn Achilles' tendon, bone on bone in my knee, lower back issues, as well as diabetes and AFib and a number of old injuries that are sometimes an issue. Also, I am 81.

    Justin is so knowledgeable that he addressed each problem and created movement designed to strengthen surrounding muscles and provide relief from pain in those areas. My knee was crippling pain.. I even sometimes used a walker.. because of Justin's work with the muscles supporting my knee I am 99% pain free and have been able to avoid knee replacement surgery. I have more energy and sleep better as well. Justin is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and supportive. I highly recommend him. The time I have spent with him has been life altering. I keep improving under his tutelage and anything is possible.

    Carole Huntington Beach

  • I am very excited and proud to be writing this testimonial. I have experienced tremendous fitness results over the past year utilizing Justin Isaacs from Always in Motion. Not only have I shed 40 lbs, but I have dropped my body fat to under 15% and have increased my strength considerably. Within 4 months I had hit my goal weight and proceeded to build muscle mass. I can go on and on regarding the difference in my body as a result of Always in Motion; however I’d like to focus on the general benefits of using their service. First of all, the in-home training is ideal for people with families and/or small children. My wife and I have had Justin as our trainer since December 2012. He is willing to work around flexible schedules and having him show up at your house gets us in the mood to work out. Second of all, the workouts are very challenging and are truly a total body workout. If I go to the gym by myself, I tend to not do exercises I don’t like or prefer, however Justin plans the workout with my ultimate goals in mind, and that usually transfers to unique and challenging exercises. This leads to my final and most important benefit of utilizing AIM; Justin plans the workouts in advance to get the most efficient use of the workout time. Time is very valuable to me and having a challenging career coupled with family life, I need to maximize my time management. That is, if I go to the gym on my own I may spend 1.5 hours and not get near the total body workout I get with Justin in just 30 minute sessions. I would highly recommend Justin as a trainer to anyone interested in losing weight, building muscle or just establishing a routine workout regimen. I never thought I would ever be the guy to hire a personal trainer, but after working with Justin for almost a year, it is the best investment in my mental and physical health I have ever made!

    Jeff Huntington Beach

  • Meeting Justin was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I'm a 59 year old type 2 diabetic. Or at least, I was. I always thought that I ate healthy and took care of myself but got a wake up call about a year ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor put me on Metformin and told me that we lose control of our blood sugar as we age. While I don't know everything, I do know that there are people around me, older than me, that aren't on medication for uncontrolled blood sugar. I immediately sought out Justin's help and with his nutritional support, was able to make the changes I needed to take back control of my health. He is incredibly knowledgeable and taught me so much about clean eating - and I thought I was doing everything right before! Needless to say, I'm no longer taking Metformin, I'm no longer diabetic, I FEEL better than ever, and am indebted to Justin.

    Update: 62 years old, best blood sugar levels I've ever had, and telling all my medicated friends to seek Justin's guidance.

    Alan Newport Beach

  • My husband, Jay, started working with Justin in the Summer of 2013. I have observed his amazing progress while working with this wonderful trainer. You would never guess that my 63 year old husband suffers from kidney failure and requires hemodialysis three times a week. Before Justin, he could barely make it up a flight of stairs!

    I was inspired and now the three of us have been working-out together every week since the Fall of 2013. Recently, both my hips were replaced and training under Justin's guidance has vastly improved my stamina and strength.

    This young man has never been late, is always respectful and has a great way of keeping us interested and challenged. He brings all the equipment to our door with a smile.

    Anyone interested in improving their quality of life (especially our fellow Boomers) please get up off the couch and give Justin a call.

    Jay + Anita Huntington Beach

  • Last year after suffering from drop foot and having exhausted my Physical Therapy benefits I was lucky enough to find Personal Trainer, Justin Isaacs, from "Always in Motion" at the Huntington Beach Senior Center gym. Since then I have been working out twice a week with Justin on increasing my flexibility, balance and strength. He pushes me appropriately to my maximum ability each time, addressing my physical limitations in new and beneficial ways every session. My sessions are focused solely on me and he is completely attentive in helping me achieve my fitness goals safely. Thanks to Justin I have not only regained but surpassed my previous fitness level, which is not an easy matter when you are 86 years young!

    Nick Huntington Beach

  • Justin: My Hero

    I had lost my home and moved into a senior apartment complex and spent a year hiding out and existing.

    One day I went to the gym to try and get some exercise and met a young man who was taking an older woman through what seemed like a really tough routine. I asked him if he was a trainer and he said yes he was. I was very depressed at the time and was only 88 pounds and could not get off the floor when I fell. So I engaged his services and discovered he was also a nutrition consultant. We be began working on “all” my issues weight, strength and depression. He recommended counseling so I found a therapist and began seeing her.

    With his guidance (much like tough love) I now weigh over 103 pounds and can get on and off the floor with relative ease. I have become more social and am making some friends. And I feel good about myself and am looking forward to what life has in store for me. I’m happier and actually excited I’m still alive and can enjoy what life can offer. Thank you Justin!

    Kerry Huntington Beach

  • I have been a client of Justin Isaacs with Always In Motion for over 5 years now and I can't imagine sustaining this healthy of a lifestyle without him and this type of support!

    Don't get me wrong, after 5 years I have learned a lot and I could continue this on my own....... I think. The convenience of Justin coming to my home, not having to purchase my own equipment, constantly having new workout sessions that are fun yet very challenging and very effective to my own needs along with the motivation, support and friendship makes me question that option!

    Karen Huntington Beach

  • Justin trains me 3 hours a week and I also work with him nutritionally. I am 82 years old and feel half that!!! No more high cholesterol, no diabetes, no arthritis... I honestly can say I feel great! Justin is personable, compassionate, and always encourages me to push to the next level. I am so happy and thankful he is a part of my life. He is an asset to his profession!

    Audrey Huntington Beach

  • As older clients in our 70s, we have been training with Justin Isaacs for two years. Bill had had major back surgery and still needed to gain strength, so his workouts have been primarily therapeutic to that end. Linda was facing major surgery at the time and wanted to be as strong as possible going into the surgery, although the surgery was ultimately not necessary.

    Justin's workouts have been such a positive force in our lives since then that we plan to continue them indefinitely. Bill has regained his strength and mobility, and Linda is stronger than she has been in years. Justin is always sensitive to our needs of the day, and he knows when to challenge us and when to hold back. He is always accommodating to our irregular schedules so we never need to miss a workout.

    Linda + Bill Huntington Beach

  • For a more-thorough example of Justin's clients' experiences with him, please click here. The testimonial -- by Dr. Charles Spurgeon -- is representative of the professional services he provides, delivered with a personal touch.

Kelly Isaacs

Kelly Isaacs

+ Doctor of Physical Therapy
+ Certified Personal Trainer
+ Qualified TRX Instructor

My name is Kelly and I am a personal trainer and movement specialist.

I earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University, where I graduated valedictorian with recognition for my humanitarian efforts and outstanding achievements. During my formal education I gained a thorough understanding of the rehabilitation process, and was fortunate to be selected to learn in prestigious clinical settings. While I do not provide physical therapy services at Hoag Health and Wellness Pavilion, I offer highly-specialized personal training for members with health challenges, physical limitations, or other special exercise considerations.

Movement is and has always been my passion. I believe everyone should be able to participate in the activities they love and find meaningful, and everyone has the capacity to do this with proper guidance and motivation. I combine my knowledge of the movement system, effective programming, and a positive, non-judgmental environment to set you up for success. Let's get moving!

Here's what Kelly's clients are saying...

  • Because of my years of inactivity, bad back and knees, I wanted a personal trainer to prevent further injuries. I have worked with other personal trainers throughout my years. Kelly Isaacs is by far the best of the best!

    Kelly is warm, thoughtful and genuinely cares. She has a cheerful personality. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic approach provide the perfect scenario for success and set the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle. She has the ability to achieve fitness, conditioning and weight-loss goals for all fitness levels and abilities. I saw a huge difference in my overall physical and mental health and am achieving a healthier and energetic lifestyle. I feel lucky to have met Kelly and would highly recommend her (and have) to anyone seeking improvement.

    Mary Huntington Beach

  • I have a lot of pain from my fibromyalgia and my doctor told me I need to exercise. The gym I belonged to had so many machines that just made me hurt worse. When I found Always In Motion it was great because I don’t have to leave the house and they don’t just put me on a machine like the trainers at the gym. Kelly is my trainer and she is an absolute delight. She is sweet, caring, compassionate, and very knowledgable. Not only am I enjoying my sessions with Kelly, but I am also enjoying my life with a little less pain.

    Judy Huntington Harbor

  • After many years of suffering from chronic pain due to injuries, obesity, and advancing age, I was unable to do many daily activities. I could not walk upstairs without using the railing to help propel my legs. I was also afraid if I found myself on the floor, I would not be able to get up. My immediate goal was to accomplish both.

    In working with Kelly Isaacs I was able to meet those goals. I was able get up off the floor and walk upstairs unaided, but there were more benefits than I realized. My muscle strength increased and I lost weight. She provides workouts tailored to address my physical limitations and health challenges. Working out is now my lifelong goal and I thank Always in Motion for helping me to "Always be in Motion".

    Sallie Huntington Beach

  • I went through a lot of personal trainers before I found the perfect one for me: Kelly. She is the only one who is able to make working out somewhat enjoyable and truly brings out the best in me. She is always encouraging and always attentive to my needs. Exercise in general is an uncomfortable ordeal but Kelly always finds a way to accomodate my aches and pains of the moment. She comes right to your house with all the equipment needed and has made it very hard for me to make excuses, and believe me I’ve tried. Sometimes I hate her for this but I’ve changed so much for the better that I can only thank her.

    Deborah Fountain Valley

  • Kelly is tough! She understands me and makes my workouts really fun! I am 14 and my mom found her for me because I need to lose weight and I get made fun of a lot at school. I have lost 17 pounds already, and I feel really strong. I can even run a mile now, and do straight leg pushups! But best of all, Kelly makes me feel good about myself. Kelly is awesome!

    Samantha Huntington Beach

Brandon Villalobos

Brandon Villalobos

+ B.S. in Kinesiology
+ Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
+ Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
+ Functional Movement Screen Certified

My name is Brandon and I'm excited to be part of the Always In Motion team as an independent trainer! I've always loved moving: After seeing (and experiencing for myself) the value of sports and intentional exercise, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I have a combined 15 years of experience in rehabilitative and post-rehabilitative settings and truly enjoy helping people to move better, look better, and feel better. I am amazed by the body's resilience and adaptability – improvements in strength, stamina, alignment, balance, and everyday functioning are possible at 50 or 150 years of age. Okay . . . the latter end of that range may be slightly optimistic. Still, with my ardent support and my emphasis on exercising safely and smartly for your body, you'll enjoy better health for a long time to come. Make your move – your future self will thank you!

Carol Seaberry

Carol Seaberry

+ Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500)
+ Certified Personal Trainer
+ Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

I love what I do. It's why I've been an active and enthusiastic member of the fitness industry -- both teaching and training -- for nearly two decades. My name is Carol and I'm excited to be a part of the Always In Motion team as an independent trainer! I consider myself a lifelong learner and, in addition to my extensive fitness background, feel fortunate to have firsthand insight into how we can use movement to age gracefully. We only get one body, and it's my mission to assist you in making the most of it, with special focus on good posture, proper technique, and the appropriate balance between strength and flexibility. I create a welcoming atmosphere to promote your wellbeing and to help you feel comfortable as we work towards your goals. Let's stay in motion -- with enjoyment, ease, and positive energy -- so we can age healthfully together!

Here's what Carol's clients are saying...

  • I came to Always In Motion-and to Carol Seaberry-by way of the Senior Center Wellness Pavilion. Always intimidated by the machines and environment in a gym, my exercise routine was meager at best. In ten sessions with Carol, exercise and fitness have become an important part of my life on a daily basis.

    Carol developed a course of personally tailored weight training and balance activities, and rowing and treadmill routines that have built my confidence and my strength. At the same time she has given me a better understanding of the structure and needs of my body at this stage of my life. Carol's broad knowledge and long experience, combined with her supportive and engaging nature, have given me the ability to make health and fitness the priority it should be. That's life changing!

    Anne Huntington Beach

  • Carol Seaberry is truly a "treasure". She is a very warm, friendly and enthusiastic person. At the onset of my training she assessed my needs and instructed me with her expert knowledge and positive support. I look forward to our sessions, and I am grateful she is an important part of my life and well being. I honestly feel that I am getting stronger and I attribute this to Carol's training.

    Barbara Huntington Beach

  • Before joining the Huntington Beach Senior Center I had never worked with a personal trainer. I thought I'd give it a try mainly so that someone could familiarize me with the machines, etc. This proved to be one of the wisest moves I'd ever made and for whatever reason I was assigned to Carol Seaberry or visa versa. What a wonderful experience this has been. She has exceeded far beyond what my expectations were as far as someone who could teach me how to do the right things and more importantly how to do those things the right way. Carol is assertive but compassionate at the same time. She never pushes too far but seems to get close to the ultimate exertion that I'm capable of. The workout is only part of it. What really impresses me is the planning that she does before each and every workout. Her notepad looks like one of those big cards a head football coach uses on the sidelines. Obviously I could not be happier with the time I have spent with Carol at the senior center so far.

    Mike Westminster

  • I must share that as a 75 yr. women who is not particularly fond of exercise Carol made it challenging and fun! I am getting in shape for a big trip that will take a lot of walking, climbing and unexpected challenges, so I wanted to be ready. What I discovered was I was not just getting ready for a trip, but I was getting my body in much better shape to climb stairs, have more strength and endurance to walk on a many mile tour while traveling. The best part is that I now want to be in this same shape all of the rest of my life. What a powerful feeling to be in this time in my life and feel confident I am ready for most anything that comes my way!!! I am committed for life now, Thanks, Carol.

    Aileen Huntington Beach

  • "I just want you to know how grateful I am to work with you. I signed up and joined gyms in the past and then quit going. You give me just the right amount of encouragement and also know when to push me. In the six months that we've worked together, my posture has improved drastically and I am shocked at how much stronger that I am. It's such a pleasure to work with a trainer that I really like too. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends that are ready to make the commitment to their health."

    Cindy Huntington Beach

Carla Gardner

Carla Gardner

+ M.S. in Exercise Science (Rehabilitation)
+ M.S. in Exercise Science (Psychology of Health/Wellness)
+ Certified Personal Trainer
+ Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

No matter where you are starting today, I can help you achieve your best tomorrow! My name is Carla and I love what I do every day as an independent trainer with Always In Motion. Aging healthfully is important to me and I have a personal passion for helping others to live stronger for longer with an active lifestyle. I believe we all have the potential for improvement: After 20 years as a personal trainer, I recently completed dual Master's degrees in Exercise Science (emphases in Rehabilitation Science and Psychology of Health and Wellness). Now I am here for YOU. Whether you are interested in improving your posture, balance, and strength, or looking to work around a health challenge, let my infectious energy, faithful spirit, and special skillset help you reach your health and fitness goals. You are not alone on this journey when we take it together!

Len Isaacs

Len Isaacs

+ Certified Spin Instructor
+ Qualified TRX Instructor